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Andrew Hooper, Foot Health Practitioner Dip FHP

After five years of study, Andrew graduated with an Honours Chiropractic Degree. He has also undertaken postgraduate training in Medical Acupuncture and further Chiropractic techniques. Whilst gaining experience in a busy clinic it soon became apparent that feet are very important in a healthy body and can easily cause discomfort, walking problems and back pain. Andrew upon identifying this, undertook training to become a Foot Health Practitioner. He now practices this in conjunction with Chiropractic. Many of Andrew's exsisting patients have availed themselves of his foot care treatments. Their experiences have confirmed Andrew's earlier thoughts of the importance of healthy feet contributing to a person's overall health and well being.

Foot Care


For general foot care and the professional treatment of common foot disorders make an appointment with Andrew, our qualified foot health practitioner.

Available now for;


  • Foot health check advice
  • Nail trimming
  • Reducing thickened nails
  • Corn and callous removal
  • Removal of hard skin
  • Ingrowing nails
  • Cracked heels
  • General foot care


Full treatment........£25

Nail cut & File........£16



"Most of us ignore our feet but they are very important to us as they take us everywhere we go, they move us hundreds of thousands of miles in our lif but at times they do need some attention and for this our foot health practitioner can help."

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