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Please note Alison works in the Clinic as an independant Practitioner. For all enquiries and appointment bookings please contact Alison directly.


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Alison Wellingham MTI

Bodywork & Personal Healing

About my work:


My initial training was in massage in 2000 and this remains the basis of the treatments I offer. However, over the years my work has evolved. I work with soft tissue, muscle, fascia, the different layers of the skin that hold us together, make our shape. I use touch, but also movement and mobilisation alongside practical suggestions for physical and emotional comfort, postural advice and rehabilitation. Working with energy; bringing Reiki and other healing techniques such as acupressure, sound, fragrance and other mediums.


Most new clients come to me with physical issues: neck pain, RSI, lower back pain, a frozen shoulder, or simply for relaxation. Over time we find that our work brings a measure of support to other areas of life: stress at work, emotional support, meeting the needs of new injuries or bringing relief to old ones, aging, the birth of children or the loss of loved ones.


Under the overall heading of bodywork, and alongside massage for the types of issues mentioned above, there are various specialist areas that I work with: bodywork for emotional support, supporting people with disabilities, scar tissue release, pregnancy and post-natal care and soul midwifery.




Body work for emotional support

The skin itself was once conceptualised as a porous conduit for the emotions that were imagined to flow within the body like blood and water. Our emotions manifest themselves as visceral sensations - you know how your body reacts when you get a fright? The rush of adrenalin that mobilises us to action when we need it, can also, over the long term, create issues around sleep, breathing, chronic stress, poor energy levels, which can adversely affect our overall well-being.  In turn, bodywork, while softening and comforting the body, can also bring some relief, relaxation and peace to the mind. Our bodies do much of their healing outside of our awareness.

In 2008 I began work as a massage therapist with the Rainbow Programme, a Bristol charity working with people in recovery from abuse.  The training that I had with the Rainbow, and working through the experiences of clients since, has given me an open perspective on bodywork and the far-reaching benefits of positive touch.  Not just with clients who have experienced physical, sexual or emotional abuse, but for the many of us who struggle to live with depression, poor self-esteem and anxiety.


Therapeautic Massage Treatments:

The first session will be 1.5 hours to allow time for pre and post treatment consultation. Follow up sessions may be 1 hour or 1.5 hours.


1.5 hour treatments: £55

1 hour treatments: £40


If you would like to know more about any element of my work, or to talk about what you might be looking for in a session, please do get in touch. If I am unable to take your call when you ring, leave your name and number.


Should you need to move or cancel an appointment, please give as much notice as possible.


Missed appointments or cancellations with less than 24 hours' notice will usually be charged.

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